HighPoint Church community,  

We're excited to gather inside again. We will continue to livestream our second service on both YouTube and Facebook. If the livestream is the best option for you, we are so glad that it can connect you to the church. If you are able to come to one of our services in person, we encourage you not to get too comfortable missing the in-person gathering together. You are a part of us and we need each other! 

Relating in Hope - 11.18.20
We value our relationships as we walk in love as the church.  We anticipate that more of you may be choosing to wear masks with the recent surge of COVID in our area.  While the governor's recent proclamation of a mask mandate doesn't apply to religious gatherings, please consider how we can love one another and act in a healthy way regarding this issue in the coming weeks.

Here is our plan moving forward:  

  • Sunday Services:  
  • 8:45- 10:00am service -masks required 
  • 10:30- 11:45am service - masks optional with livestream available 

  • Children’s ministry (preschool -6th grade )  2nd service only.  
  • We have small groups available for kids during our 10:30 service, after worship. Grades preschool - 6th      
  • *no children's ministry first Sunday of each month*
 We resume indoor services with these thoughts in mind:
  • We understand that there are varied perspectives on how we should meet together as a church right now.  

  • We value our need to meet together knowing that we come with varying needs and convictions and it is our intention to make a place for all to feel welcome. 

  • We value your ability to decide which service environment works for you and trust that you will take responsibility to love your neighbor, honor authority, and to follow your conscience.   

Questions about the building:   
Q. How will we prepare for indoor services?     
A. The sanctuary will be set up with groups of chairs for families to sit together and spacing between to allow for distancing. Restrooms are available.  

Q. When should I arrive for the second service?      
A. We ask that you come no earlier than 10:15 to allow those who need to strictly distance to clear the foyer and sanctuary.    

Q. What precautions are we taking in the building?      
A. We will have hand sanitizer available and will be cleaning surfaces more frequently. We will be providing bottled water instead of using the water fountains and we will not be serving coffee at this time.  As much as practical, we will keep a door to the outside and the sanctuary doors open.  

Questions about our philosophy of gathering at this time:   
Q. Is it dishonoring to our community to gather in person in the midst of the pandemic?      A. As elders, our responsibility is to lead the church as under-shepherds of Jesus Christ, the “chief Shepherd” (1 Peter 5:1-4). Our spiritual stewardship from God is to “keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account” (Hebrews 13:17). Although the physical health of our church and greater community is a factor in our decision making process, we are going to prioritize people’s spiritual and relational health. We will take precautions in consideration of the health risks (such as limited capacity, changing the way we do communion, extra cleaning, online service option for those at greater risk).  There is a high risk of social isolation, perpetuating fear and anxiety, disengagement from worshipping our God, as well as spiritual and relational complacency. As a church, our motive is to provide ministry environments that best facilitate caring for the souls of God’s people.    

Q. As a church, how do we respond to the mixed signals from federal, state, and local authorities on wearing masks?     
A. We believe that this is a personal decision that we trust you to make according to how you interpret the proclamation from the Governor’s office vs. the mandate from our county Board of Supervisors. We believe that this is not a clear “right or wrong” issue and we trust you to make that determination. We are not willing to turn people away from church over convictions of mask wearing, nor do we desire for our focus to be on the enforcement of these mandates in our gatherings.  

Q. What does Romans 13-14 say about “disputable” matters among us?     
A. We believe that keeping unity without condemning one another applies to this current matter of wearing masks. Based on Romans 14, it may not be sin to wear or not wear a mask, but it is a sin to stand in the place of God to judge them. Not everyone who wears a mask is doing so out of fear, and not everyone who doesn’t wear a mask is doing so out of selfishness. Our desire is to “pursue what promotes peace and what builds up one another” and to “not tear down God’s work” because of the mask issue (Romans 14:19-20). We will respect each other, assu
me the best of one another, and maintain unity in that which our unity is founded, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.