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I am so encouraged to have our friends coming to visit. People that really enjoy our family and want to spend some more time with us.

They aren’t coming empty handed but with gifts for our family. Revival, experience, insight, joy and so much more that we will discover when they come. Their family is overflowing with these things and they want to share them with ours.

You guessed right, I am talking about Carl and Vicki Richardson from Bethel Church in Redding, California. We are blessed to get a taste of a revival culture as they minister with us for a weekend.

Last time they were here we enjoyed a strong prophetic flow and a release of fresh joy and hope.  Please set aside this time to invite Jesus in to your life through those that carry a strong measure of His presence.

The unity of anticipation will draw out of our guests all that God has for us as they come into our house!