We all have issues and challenges in our lives—hindrances to becoming everything we’re meant to be. There is brokenness because of what has happened to us in the past and what we have done to others. This creates blockages in our relationships with God and other people. Because we’re so accustomed to the blockages and pain, we think of them as normal.

Many people go through years of counseling and find little real help for the issues that trouble them. It is not enough to identify a root issue, find out how it affects a person’s beliefs and behaviors and try to develop a different behavior pattern. God wants to heal those root issues, so that they no longer have a negative influence on a person’s thought patterns and daily life.

A team of two or three people facilitates an Encounter Prayer session, but Jesus himself leads the specific encounters. He gently takes us to the roots of particular issues and heals them. The result is that we can live in a completely new level of freedom. In an encounter session, the Lord will deal with things like deep emotional wounds, abuse, trauma, fear, past relationships, rejection, self-hatred, the lies we believe about ourselves and God, and so on.


Many people have found deep healing and freedom through encountering Jesus Christ face-to-face.

“Encounter Prayer has completely changed my life. A guy shouldn’t have to wait until he’s forty-eight to get healed from depression, but I’m glad I don’t struggle with it anymore.”  -GJ

“In my session, the Holy Spirit took me back to when I was a teenager in the kitchen of the farmhouse I grew up in and showed me that the root of my anger at a particular family member began at that time. I was able to forgive the person and experience total release.”  -MJ


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