HighPoint City Church is governed and directed according to the New Testament pattern of eldership according to the qualifications as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:5-9. Elders are called by God, and confirmed by the leadership. The elders are committed to the responsibilities of teaching, equipping, & leading the congregation.

Our Pastors

Lead Pastor

Tamra and I are excited about serving the church that Jesus is building. We love the church and know that God has planned to display His wisdom in all of its rich variety to the world through it. It has always been our joy to be authentic and real in our home life and in the community that we serve. We are creative and enjoy building and expressing beauty in woodworking, music, gardening and outdoor activities. We love this region of Iowa and are excited to see you become part of our lives and this great church.
Our Eldership Team


Our passion is to search out and engage the kingdom of heaven so that it is demonstrated on earth and in people's lives. There is nothing more satisfying to us than facilitating people's direct encounters with Jesus Christ to find freedom from their past, their pain and fear, and anything
else that holds them captive and keeps them from living life to its fullest. When people encounter the Father's heart of love, it changes their lives completely. Sally is an oncology nurse and I paint, draw and teach art professionally. We have four adult children and we love to play games, cook and bake together, and go hiking. When I'm not making art, I study materials and techniques as well as other artists' work to understand their particular picture-making process.


My passion is to see God's kingdom manifest on the earth through His people being influential in culture, specifically in business & government. I believe that God desires His people to be world changers that hold influential positions in their local communities. I want everyone around me to be in love with Jesus, releasing Holy Spirit's power and connected to the Father's heart.

My wife Emy is my adventure cohort, idea go-to, prayer warrior, encourager and teammate.  Our favorite adventure though is being parents to our young sons Daniel, Philip & Eli. I love being with my family, doing hands-on projects and being outside.

Our Children & Youth Pastors

Children's Pastor

I have had a heart for children my whole life. God called us to Iowa where I became the children's pastor at our church. I continued to learn and grow in the years we were there. I was able to experience and witness God's stirring through the ministry in beautiful ways. Today I still have a passion for children to know God and to be drawn to Him.

The last two years, Shawn and I have brought this type of ministry into our home through Safe Families for Children, but now He is showing me how my experiences can nurture the children's ministry at HighPoint. The kids that enter the House of God on Sundays and into our care, are being prepared for the calling God has on each of their lives. As parents, teachers and friends, we have been entrusted in helping kids discover the saving power of Jesus, and the fullness of life in Him.

I have witnessed the faith and encouragement in our church family, and am privileged to be here.

Youth Pasto

In 1 John 4:19-21 it calls us to love God and to love people.  At City Youth, I want to equip a generation to have an authentic relationship with God and to make Him know.  I want the youth to impact their generation through their actions and example of how they live.  It's simple really, I want to see people build relationship with God and with others.

I love being husband to Hannah and working with her in the church office.  I'm dad to 3 energetic boys who are full of fun and laughter.  They're getting bigger and wrestling has become more of a challenge.  I still win, for now. I'm an avid baseball fan and love supporting the Cardinals.  I enjoy following most other sports and consider myself somewhat of a trivia junkie. I enjoy being around others and value building relationship.
Our Support Team

Worship Pastor

I am passionate about connecting people to Jesus. On Sunday morning, people walk in from many different environments, feeling a wide range of pressures and emotions. I see my role as one who makes the way into the presence of God as clear as possible. It is my desire that every song that I lead  breaks down the barriers that come between people and their passionate Father. I enjoy carpentry, being outside, and Friday night movies.

ERIC & KITTY JONES,  Belong Group Coordinators 

Our passion is seeing people healed and recovered from their hurts, habits, and hangups. We believe we have something to offer to those who are searching for answers but are not quite ready to say church is for them. God has graced us with a passion to bridge the gap between church and those needing the church. Aside from healing ministry, we love to be outdoors gardening, camping, fishing, and kayaking. One hobby we have is antiquing and repurposing in our home. We also love to hang out and play games or sip coffee with friends and family. Sports are another pastime. We are in a bowling league and think it would be fun to start a Belong Group league sometime to extend the ministry to the bowling alley. We love the adventure God has us on.

Our Office Staff Team

Office Admin

My heart is to bring light & life into everything I do, so much so that the darkness doesn't have room to grow. Big statement, I know . . . but it aligns with my belief that as a child of God, I am called to be a light in this world.

It is an honor to serve in a church that loves family, encourages us to follow our passions, and allows for me to share light & life through my creative expressions in graphic design and marketing. In the office each week it is a joy to share a smile or a hug, even give an encouraging word to friends that come through the doors or call on us each week.

I'm blessed to be called "Wife" by my wonderful husband Ryan, "Mommy" by my beautiful children, & "Friend" by many. God has caused me to be abundantly blessed and I am forever grateful!